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ഇനിയും എനിക്കെന്റെയാത്മ താപങ്ങള്‍ തന്‍
ചിതയിലേക്കൊരു കനല്‍കൂടി നല്‍കാന്‍, കാല –
മിനിയും നിനക്കെന്നു വെച്ചു നീട്ടുന്നതോ,
സ്നേഹമാനെന്നതും വൈപരിത്യം!

ഇനിയെന്റെയുള്ളില്‍ ഞാന്‍ സ്വയമേറ്റു വാങ്ങുവതു-
മൊരു മഞ്ഞു തുള്ളിതന്‍ ശാപനെന്നോ..
ചപലതകളില്ല, കൊടും കാറ്റുമില്ലൊടുവില്‍
പിരിയേണമെന്നതോ വ്യക്ത സത്യം!

നിമിഷങ്ങള്‍ നിറവാര്‍ന്ന സാന്ത്വനങ്ങള്‍, നിന്‍റെ
കനിവൊലും സ്വരജതിയിലാഴ്ന്നിരുന്നാല്‍
അതിനുള്ളിലെരിയുന്ന തീജ്വാലയെ

ആകിലറിയാം, എനിക്കെന്നിലെരിയും ചിതയിലേക്കൊരു
മഞ്ഞു തുള്ളിയായ് പെയ്ത സത്തേ, നിന്നെയറിയാം
എനിക്കെന്നിലണയാന്‍ കൊതിക്കുന്ന മണ്‍ചെരാതായ്
ശോകമലിയും വിരഹാര്‍ദ്ര സംഗീതമായ്!

മൂഢ സങ്കല്‍പങ്ങള്‍തന്‍ വിലാപമെന്നോ, എന്‍റെ –
മൂകമാമീ, ദീന സംവേദനങ്ങളും.
അറിയാമെനിക്കിന്നു നല്‍കാവതല്ല നിന്‍
പ്രണയമൊരു തീജ്വാലയാനെങ്കിലും
എന്‍റെ ഹൃദയം തപിക്കുന്നതേറ്റു വാങ്ങാന്‍
തീയിലണയാന്‍ കൊതിക്കുന്നൊരീയല്‍ പോലെ!


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Hope you know well, what is Tom Riddle’s diary. Well, it is magical diary Ginny Weasley brought to The Hogwarts School of Witchcrafts and Wizardry in her first year. Actually it was one of the horcruxes of Tom Riddle (LordVoldemort). It was Mr.Lucius Malfoy who gave the diary to Ginny, without her knowledge. It was this diary made the entire problems in the school during her first year.

Anyway, anyone who went through that incidents would like to possess that diary for a while. If you’d like an encounter with Riddle’s Diary,

Click Here

or copy and paste the link below in your browser’s Address bar.


Type your questions in it’s right side, it’ll answer you.

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Yesterday, my younger brother happened to mention some of my old friends. Afterwards I went through the faded memories of my past happenings. Through my childhood, through my early school days and now I remember most of them by their name or by their face.

As I sit in front of my computer to write down my memories for blog, the first face fade in to me is of Neena my first crush. She lived in my neighborhood for 3 of 4 months when I was around 5 or 6 years old.
I used to visit my mom’s relatives lived in a rented house in “Kannammoola”, Trivandrum. There in that house, another family was also lived in the second portion. I don’t remember them, but I do remember a boy of that family. Even though I couldn’t remember his name, still I remember a weapon he always kept in his hand. That was a bit of broken ‘gate’ seemed to be a big arrow. He used this weapon to peel the big roots of a gigantic teak tree in backyard.
Another memory related to that place is a small vegetable shop opposite to the gate. We used to buy cucumber from there to eat raw.
In my first year in school, I had got a “Chechi” there. I don’t know what her name was, everybody used to call her “Mottachi” and obviously it can’t be a name. She was in 7th standard. She used to treat me as her own younger brother and came to feed me regularly in lunch brake.
I’ve got a lot of friends there in U.P.S. Palkulangara and most of them were with me there till my 7th standard. I remember Anil, Francis (Maala), Gireesh, Santhosh (Chakkala), Sajeev (he was in standard “A”), Lakshmi, Swapna, Divya, Ranjini (or Rajitha?) Manoj (Kunjan), Shinoj, syam, another Santhosh, Sijov….. etc etc…
I was the pet of almost all teachers taught me. I used to travel in their lap to other schools for competitions. I don’t know whether they remember me or not. But how can I forget them? Still I remember Eliyamma teacher. I and my younger brother used to visit her home almost all days and even had food from there. Her son Sijov was my classmate. I met his younger brother Sinov some days before in orkut. He said Sijov is now working as a Sanskrit teacher.
Once Eliyamma teacher gave me some clay and told me to ask my father a dog’s sculpture. He made it but I didn’t get that to her, instead I kept it for a long.
Oh…!! Its very difficult to recollect all in a string… well, I’ll do it later 🙂

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(On behalf of my friend Faisal)

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How did they celebrate their New Year.

Three girls from a famous school in Perintalmanna – a small town in Malappuram district of Kerala state – put their record New Year Celebrations in a different way.

They contributed their school fee (Rs3000 each) together and brought their friends to a famous restaurant in Perintalmanna town. After the feast, they got a bill of Rs.6500.

But the restaurant management noticed their school badge and informed the school authority about this unusual bill. Soon after the celebrations, they got their New Year gift in the form of a dismissal letter from the school.

Tail Piece: The Beverage Corporation of Kerala claims its record sales on 31st December 2006. It was of Rs.34.55 crores.

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The Excecution of former iraqi leader Saddam Hussein

Saddam…. We are with u…

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